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The All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions (OPZZ) is the largest nationwide umbrella confederation of trade unions in Poland, comprised both of unified nationwide trade union organisations and the sectoral federations of trade unions. The OPZZ aims to ensure decent living and working conditions in the democratic society. The tasks of the OPZZ are in particular:

  • protection of rights and dignity, as well as the professional and social interests of workers, pensioners, and unemployed as well as their families,
  • protection of trade unions rights and freedoms,
  • influence on the social and economic policy, in line with the interests of society,
  • working towards the development and consolidation of democratic rights, social relations and civil freedoms,
  • creating the social activism and shaping professional ethics and culture of interpersonal relations.

The OPZZ was established in 1984. It is independent to any political party.

All unions affiliated to the OPZZ are grouped in 7 branches:

  • Mining and Energy
  • Industry
  • Education
  • Public Services
  • Construction and Woodworkers
  • Transport
  • Commerce, Services, Culture and Art

The OPZZ is represented at the local level in all 16 regions (województwo) as well as in majority of districts (powiat).

The OPZZ defines its policies independently and democratically through its Congress, Council and  Presidium.

Congress determines the general policy of the OPZZ. It takes place every five years and is attended by delegates from all affiliated unions. It elects the OPZZ President and the President of the Auditory Commission. The last Congress took place in Ożarów Mazowiecki in December 2022 and adopted a Programme (Action Plan) for the next five years until 2027.

The OPZZ Council is the supreme executive body between congresses. It is made up of representatives of the member organisations, proportional to their membership. It takes place not less frequently than three times a year. The Presidium decides on measures to implement the policies adopted by the Council. It meets not less frequently than every two months.

The elected leadership team (President and Vice-Presidents) manages the OPZZ's day-to-day activities. It is responsible for relations with the public and state institutions, political parties, employers' associations, non-governmental organisations and media. It manages the OPZZ staff and their activities.

The OPZZ is recognised as a representative trade union organisation at the national level what results by its full membership in the social dialogue bodies both at the national (Rada Dialogu Społecznego – Council of Social Dialogue) as well as at the regional level (wojewodzkie rady dialogu społecznego). The OPZZ has the right to consult decisions and draft documents related to the employment, social and economic policy.  In particular, the OPZZ has an influence on the national budget, levels of the statutory minimum wage and social security contributions.

At the international level, the OPZZ is affiliated to the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). At the European level, the OPZZ is affiliated to the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and the ITUC's Pan-European Regional Council (PERC). The OPZZ is involved in activities within the International Labour Organization (ILO) in terms of improvement of the international labour standards. Every year, the OPZZ's representatives take part in International Labour Conferences in Geneva. The OPZZ is represented in the European Economic and Social Committee.

The OPZZ is also involved in the regional trade union actions participating in the BASTUN (Baltic Sea Trade Union Network) and the Visegrad Trade Union Group (Czech Rep., Hungary, Poland, Slovakia) meetings.


Magdalena Chojnowska

tel.: +48797557135

e-mail: chojnowska@opzz.org.pl